2. With my babe in DC… #missyou #loveyou #latergram

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    Hello guys!!! So my last contest was a success ((even though I had to message three people before I shipped it)) but, anyway, people wanted me to do another contest. Two of the things are from the last contest because the winner did not want them.

    Must be following me ((I will check))
    Reblogs only please, you can like to keep track
    I will ship anywhere.
    Shirts are any size the winner wants
    if you want 30 extra entries write me a fan fic or draw or anything else you find creative ((message me first))

    -blink-182 tank top
    -all time low baseball tee (there is no last name on the back))
    -Paramore shadow tshirt
    -Green day American idiot wristband
    -The walking dead flag
    -Three keychains
    -All time low ‘sup bra?’ Shirt
    -Fall Out Boy “I survived the hiatus” shirt
    -Paramore floral paramore is forever shirt
    -Pierce The Veil Collide with the sky shirt
    -All time low skull necklace

    a mix CD
    and anything from hot topic under 40$

    Contest ends July 18th 2014
    Good luck!

    since people are messaging me, asking if there is anything else they can do for extra entries if you follow my Instagram (jackbxrxkat) ill give you five entries!!

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  5. So much freakin better than the movie!! 😱😍 #zombies #warmbodies

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    Warped Tour 2014 by me

    That sky looks amazing

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  8. Happy 1 Month baby! I love you and can’t wait to see you in just 5 days!! #lovehim #hesfunny #waynesworld

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    The Story So Far - Things I Can’t Change

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    We should have these everywhere 

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  14. Someone bring this guy back to me #kaythanks #latergram #lovehim

  15. I’ve never dreaded a Monday morning more than right now… I’m gonna miss him so much #boyfriend #lovehim #longdistancesucks